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Professional Denture Relines in Coquitlam

Anderson Ptak Denture Clinic Ltd can help you maintain your smile after partial or implant dentures by periodical adjustments. The need for denture relines arises when the bones in your mouth move and change with time, thereby making your implants feel uncomfortable. Denture adjustments are necessary to let you chew, speak, and smile properly. If your denture is not relined properly, it can result in wearing down of your bone and gums quickly. You can minimize the erosion by getting denture relines done in Coquitlam from Anderson Ptak Denture Clinic Ltd.

Categories of Relines

There are two types of relines: hard and soft. Initially, our denturist will take an impression of your oral tissue inside your dentures. When the impression hardens, it will be used to set the base for your dentures. In hard denture relines, hard acrylic is used to replace the impressions that fit perfectly in your mouth. For patients whose gums are too sensitive for a hard reline, soft denture relines are ideal. Instead of hard acrylic, soft and flexible material is used to set the base of your dentures.

Irrespective of the type of denture you need or your mouth sensitivity, you can rely on us to give you the perfectly-aligned smile you always wanted. Contact us to set up a denture relining appointment.

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